My love and passion for photography was born out of my love for art, which led me to study Fine Art at UCT, finishing my degree in 2011. My subject of choice has always been people – while in school and throughout my studies, I used to love painting, drawing and sculpting people. It's only natural that this passion would extend to my photography as well. I just love working with people – I love being part of such a special moment in so many people’s lives. I love capturing the details, the laughs, the tears, the things that make a wedding day the best day of your life. I love bringing out the beauty in every situation through my natural, documentary-style photography. I like to be the fly on the wall as much as I can, so as to allow the natural and unforced beauty of the wedding day to speak through the photos, while at the same time incorporating a feeling of fun, light-heartedness and spontaneity.  My creativity and good eye, mixed with my meticulous, perfectionist personality, means that I not only deliver a good product but also excellent customer service and professionalism.